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The Sexual Revolution On Film

The collapse of the Production Code reflected the emergence of a ''sexual revolution'' in the United States and western Europe in the 1960s. Women's sexual freedom increased during the decade with the marketing of ''the pill'' to protect against pregnancy. Soon, a second wave of feminism began championing women's liberation from patriarchy. Beat culture in the late 1950s and the counterculture of the 1960s celebrated ''free love,'' with many choosing simply to live together rather than join in conventional heterosexual matrimony. By the end of the 1960s, a modern gay rights movement had begun as well. Many people began favoring foreign films to Hollywood product as well as the growing number of US films made outside the studio system. By the end of the 1960s, exploitation pictures and underground cinema were exerting a tremendous influence on mainstream filmmaking throughout the United States and Europe. In Hollywood, films such as Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1969) and Carnal Knowledge...

Cinema After The Sexual Revolution

By the end of the 1970s, a general cultural backlash against the sexual revolution began to develop in many areas, partly fueled by growing fears of sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes and AIDS. The United States, the United Kingdom, and West Germany, for example, elected conservative politicians that promised The sexual revolution was also met with outrage outside the United States and western Europe. As the global reach of Hollywood cinema expanded with the growth of home video in the 1980s, many postcolonial societies complained of a new cultural imperialism. One of the major complaints was that United States and European movies were too sexually explicit, supplanting indigenous concepts of sexuality with Western ideas. (By the end of the 1980s, the pornography industries had moved almost solely into video to provide better distribution.) For example, film censors in Iran after the abdication of the Shah in 1979 focused major attention

Classifying the Appeal Goal Orientation and Sparse Information

It shows the character doggedly pursuing that goal, the entire film becomes oriented around this character's success or failure. Such strategies may certainly have narrative payoffs, but they also have impact on a film's emotional appeal. If a narrative shows highly goal-oriented characters performing actions that move them toward a clear series of goals, then this makes for easier comparisons with the scripts in emotion prototypes. Given clear goals, it is easier to label the emotional states of a character like Indiana Jones and to make sense out of other emotion cues. Ghostbusters also deals with highly goal-oriented characters (like Raiders, the film is about preventing Judgment Day ), but its protagonist is not so devoted to the central goal. He neither understands nor is interested in the details of how to capture ghosts. Venkman is more interested in seducing women (which is certainly a goal but not the central one established by the film), and his wisecracks undercut the...

Post War Film and Television

This image of London as the centre of young glamour, underpinned by a new sense of powerful, female sexuality, was to also permeate popular television series, particularly 'The Avengers'. Produced during 1961-1969, it is recorded as the 'highest grossing British television export ever', broadcast in 120 countries (T. Miller 1997 5). The fantasy spy series was immensely popular in Britain, spending 103 weeks in the Top Twenty series between the years of its production. The sexual tension lay between Patrick MacNee as John Steed in the British upper-class, traditional male dress of black bowler hat, rolled-up umbrella and three-piece suit with camel overcoat and the direct contrast of the black leather and fetishist-inspired clothing of his female partners, played by Honor Blackman and then Diana Rigg. The hint of black leather and sado-masochism again reinforced the sexual power of the female leads, reasserting glamour as a mysterious and highly-charged energy.

The Classical Hollywood Baseline

Classical (and pre-classical) Hollywood films (those produced between the 1910s and the 1950s) had little interest in dramatizing homosexual lives or homosexual issues. The very structure of Hollywood narrative form was and is heterosexist it almost always contains a male-female romance, regardless of story line or genre. If and when homosexual characters appeared in Hollywood films prior to the sexual revolution, they were almost always relegated to walk-on parts or small supporting roles. One notable early exception was A Florida Enchantment (1914), a comedy wherein female characters eat magical sex-changing seeds that turn them into women-chasing lotharios. Much more common was the stereotype of the pansy, an effeminate male supporting character often a butler, designer, or choreographer. When the Hollywood Production Code (which specifically forbade the depiction of what it called sex perversion'') was put into effect in 1934, these characterizations were forced further into the...

Early Days in Rimini and the Romagna

A younger brother Riccardo was born in 1921, followed by his sister Maddalena in 1929. Fellini himself was born on 20 January 1920 in Rimini, a small town on the Adriatic coast of Italy in a location known best as a watering hole for rich foreign tourists who would frequent the Grand Hotel and other beach establishments during the tourist season, then abandon the sleepy city to its provincial rhythms. Like all vacation towns, Rimini enjoyed a lazy, cyclic existence that alternated between frenetic activity during the tourist season and endless boredom afterward. In an essay entitled Il mio paese, first published with a beautiful photo album of scenes from his native city and translated into English as Rimini, My Home Town, Fellini looked back at his origins and concluded that in his life, Rimini represented not an objective fact but, rather, a dimension of my memory, and nothing more a dimension of my memory (among other things an invented, adulterated, second-hand sort of memory) on...

Levels of meaning the cutaway

As he puts down the paper at the table, the farmer begins the prayer. The farmer, suspecting a sexual attraction developing between his young wife and Hannay, opens his eyes as he repeats the prayer. Hannay tries to take his mind away from his fear. He eyes the wife to see if she suspects. Here, the film cuts to the headlined newspaper to illustrate Hannay's concern. The next shot of the wife registers Hannay's distraction, and as her eyes drift down to the paper, she realizes that he is the escaped killer. Hitchcock then cut to a three-shot showing the farmer eyeing Hannay and the wife now acknowledging visually the shared secret. These looks, however, confirm for the husband that the sexual bond between Hannay and the wife will soon strengthen. He will turn out this rival, not knowing that the man is wanted for a different crime.

Why Drake Is Not Bond

To understand his decision it is helpful to compare the roles of Bond and Drake to see why McGoohan rejected the former while accepting the latter. James Bond has become an icon, a character whose qualities are emblematic of the societal changes taking place in the 1960s. This was a time when Western culture was becoming much more open about sexuality, when such magazines as Playboy became popular with their celebration of male sexual fantasy. Traditional mores were challenged by the so-called sexual revolution and the emergence of the youth counterculture with its acceptance of hedonism as a way of life

Third Evolution Core Function

Foundation Mary and Joe are two platonic friends who have always experienced a great deal of sexual tension. Mary, however, has been dating Roger for a number of years and is planning to marry him. Mary and Joe have never openly acknowledged their feelings for each other. As Mary's wedding day approaches, Joe finds himself falling deeper and deeper in love with her. First Significant Event Joe tells Mary that he loves her. Foundation Focus Mary is thrown into an emotional turmoil, torn between her love for Roger and her strong attraction to Joe. Joe implores her to give their relationship a chance before she marries Roger and it's too late. Mary decides that, unless she explores her feelings for Joe, she can never be sure that marrying Roger would be the right thing to do.

Is There A Surprise In There

For instance, there's a commercial running these days that features a nice guy in his late thirties who's pictured in scene after scene enjoying the trappings of a really nice lifestyle. Each time we see him, he proudly gushes about his new car, his country-club membership, his kids who are in good schools, and so on. In the end, he asks rhetorically, How do I do it I'm in debt up to my eyeballs. And then he delivers the killer line Somebody help me. Now, if you looked at that naked script, you could surmise that this character is a guy who's in way over his head, and you could choose to play him as a rather desperate fellow. That last line could be delivered as a real cry for help Somebody help me Au contraire, my friend, because the deliciousness of that spot, the thing that made it so funny, was how opposite the actor played it. He acted as if he was almost blissfully stunned by his situation, and in the end, his request for help was almost polite.Totally opposite to the expected,...

European Art Cinema The Many Maps of Misreading

Virgin Spring (1959), or of a woman masturbating (in The Silence) defined for the generation prior to the sexual revolution what was meant by adult cinema. When in the mid-1960s other filmmakers in Europe (Denmark, Germany) began to make films for which the label adult was a well-understood euphemism, and when the Americans themselves relaxed censorship, the art film export as an economic factor for European national cinemas suffered a decline (in Italy, for instance), although it remained a cultural and artistic force. Above all, for the subsequent generations of (more or less mainstream) American directors, from Arthur Penn to Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese to Francis Ford Coppola, but also for the academy it was the fact that without the European art and auteur cinema,

Movement In The Scene And The Use Of Props

And then there is the lucky accident. Something happens unexpectedly in a rehearsal or a take that wasn't planned. The accident is sometimes pure gold, helping to deepen the scene, or get the laugh, or fill in a visual gap. An apocryphal story about this kind of lucky accident is told about a scene between Marlon Brando and Eva Marie Saint in On the Waterfront. (Once again if you haven't seen this film, run to the nearest DVD or VHS rental store as it is an American classic.) It is a scene in which they are walking away from a disturbing meeting in the church. It seems cold and gray but there is a sexual tension that provides the heat between the two characters as they are getting to know one another. As the story goes, during a take Eva Marie accidentally dropped one of her gloves as she was putting them on. Marlon picked up the glove and, acting out of the instinct of the moment, studied it for a second and then attempted to put his hand inside it. Elia Kazan, brilliant director...

F R Leavis And Questions Of Value

Leavis belonged to a somewhat different world from ours, which the ''standards'' he continued to the end to maintain would certainly reject. Leavis grew up in Victorian and Edwardian England and was fully formed as a critic and lecturer by the 1930s. He would have responded with horror to the ''sexual revolution,'' though he was able to celebrate, somewhat obsessively, D. H. Lawrence, whose novels were once so shocking as to be banned (and who today is beginning to appear quaintly old-fashioned).

Pamgrier Foxy Brown

Barbarella was classic exploitation but on a bigger budget. The themes of space travel and societies of the future were just an excuse to indulge in plentiful nudity and sex in the fun-filled 60s. The British poster campaign reflects the sexual revolution that was a major feature of the decade. Indeed, the designer of the British artwork, Robin Ray, won the title of Erotic Artist of the Year in 2001. That said, it is interesting to compare Ray's artwork with the finished poster, where all nudity and explicit innuendo were eliminated to satisfy the not-so-fun-filled British Board of Film Censorship.

Racing with the Moon

Kelly McGillis danced, it amplified the sexual tension between them. The red in Racing with the Moon is very different from the lusty red glow in Witness. In fact, this is really not red at all. It's rose, a relative. This color is cooler (slightly bluer) and softer (a touch paler). Our research indicates that rose is a color that inspires romance. Actually, it is more like a color of a memory of a romance.

Marnie Saitta

MS The hardest part about my job is also the part that I love the most, which is finding an actor who breathes life into a role in a way you never imagined, and who also fits the image that the show is looking for. I am always faced with the question, Do you have to be gorgeous to be on a soap An actor who is considered gorgeous can lose his looks quickly in the room if he can't act. Conversely, if an actor is what some consider to be average looking, but is an amazing talent, he can make you believe he is sexy and gorgeous in his performance.

Humphrey Bogart

Humphrey Bogart Fedora

'Bogart a helluva nice guy until 11 30 pm. After that, he think* he's Bogart.' So said Dave Chase, the Hollywood restaurateur, who presumably saw the change-over fairly often. Bogart was, of course, a movie tough guy, hut he was an intellectual's movie tough guy, the man who more or less defined film noir, and the personae he created had an immense resonance in popular culture. His mannerisms and style of speech have become shorthand for a particular type of personality.

Queer Theory

Evidences the political and narrative strategies that filmmakers were introducing to contest the strictly heteronormative formulations of human experience that were also becoming the target of queer theorists. Rich's marking of the homosexual relations between Brian Epstein and John Lennon in Christopher Munch's The Hours and Times (1991) as ''just a simple view of history with the veil of homophobia pulled back'' becomes an apt description of the queer positions that this cinema was enabling in its characterizations as well as its audiences. Foregrounding the queer and sexual context (and content) of road movies and buddy films, Gregg Araki's The Living End (1992) and Tom Kalin's Swoon (1992) overturned mainstream cinematic conventions of male bonding as sexually innocent, in the process disrupting heterocentrist perspectives of genre and history. Operating metaphorically, Todd Haynes's Poison (1991) used the horror film genre to investigate the politics of gay sexual practices of...


The first film by Cagney Productions was Johnny Come Lately and it did represent a major departure from Cagney's image as it was shaped by his films at Warner. The star plays a drifter who arrives in a small American town and is persuaded by an elderly newspaperwoman to aid her in her battle against town corruption. Although this narrative premise suggests opportunities for numerous action sequences, the film denies Cagney fans this opportunity, until at least the final thirty minutes. Instead, the narrative focuses on the relationship between Cagney's character and the elderly woman, which is characterised by a barely disguised strong sexual tension. Furthermore, emphasis is also placed on his relationship with two other older female characters, while the narrative does not develop the obvious romantic storyline between Cagney's character and the newspaperwoman's young niece.

Do The Rice Thing

My view of sexy is quite different from the mainstream. I find sexy to be revealed in the person, how they carry themselves and their characteristics, not in the looks. I think for many people, Chow Yun-Fat is sexy because he conveys confidence and a strong sense of self-esteem that most people are not used to associating with Asian men.

Male Female

I have already mentioned Jane Smiley-Jocelyn Moorhouse's A Thousand Acres as an example of a shift in perspective in this case, the daughters of the Lear character are the point of view rather than the father, as in the original presentation of King Lear. Because the male female struggle for power is one of the most sig- 81 nificant social psychological political issues of the day (at least since the sexual revolution of the 1960s), the issue of a male or female reading of a text has taken on a far greater weight.

Eyes Wide Shut

Clients act out their sexual desires to the detriment of their relationships and in spite of their social position Why do all the people he admires and cares about seek danger and thrills Should he, too He does seek out danger and thrills that threaten his marriage, but in the end he and his wife, almost in a state of resignation, opt to remain together.

Dog Day Afternoon

His homosexuality becomes apparent only well into the story, when his likable personality has already made its impression. We know him as a person before we know him as a homosexual. As with The Pawnbroker, Lumet stirs up contradictory feelings about his principal character. Sol Nazerman has appropriated into his own life all the brutality that had been worked on him by others. He survived, but at a terrible cost. One can only loathe him for what he has become while sympathizing with him for what life has done to him. Sonny, by contrast, is a nice guy, but he makes inexcusably stupid decisions that wreck his life and the lives of many people around him. Nazerman is an old man who looks back on his life from the edges of the grave Wortzik is scarcely more than an adolescent who cannot imagine the consequences of his actions.

Stephen Tropiano

By crosscutting between Christian and the tutoring session, Ripploh draws an obvious comparison between Buckard and himself, who, despite the boy's innocent flirtations, displays no sexual interest in his pupil. The sequence completely shatters the homosexual seduction myth, which constructs adult gay men as lechers who, unable to control their sexual desires, prey on innocent youth, thereby transforming them into homosexuals. As Simon Watney explains, the adult male homosexual's pursuit of a young boy is one of the major streams of images'' which constitute the long shadow of 'the homosexual''' the spectacle of erotic seduction, in which an 'innocent,' 'vulnerable' youth is fantasized as an unwilling partner to acts which, nonetheless, have the power to transform his (or her) entire being.''1 The myth (henceforth referred to as the ''seduction myth'') is based on an ahistorical and acultural interpretation of the sexual practices of the ancient Greeks. As Dover, Halperin, Foucault,...


In the broadest sense, sexuality refers to sexual behavior. While closely tied to biological urges that seem to impel human beings (and other animals) to mate, there are many socially constructed concepts that influence an understanding of sexuality. In many cultures, for example, heterosexual monogamy is considered the only proper sexuality, and all other types of sexual behavior are deemed sinful or unnatural. In the wake of the ''sexual revolution'' of the 1960s, when more men and women felt freer to explore and experiment with other types of sexual relationships, many attempted to hold onto this traditional concept of normal sexuality. As writers such as Michel Foucault and Judith Butler have discussed, though, the concept of sexuality (categorizing sexual desires into orientations that form identities) has been a relatively recent social development with definitions of sexuality being contested and negotiated constantly. Concepts of sexuality have differed from era to era, and...

Reservoir Dogs

White Larry) Tim Roth (Mr. Orange Freddy Newendyke) Michael Madsen (Mr. Blonde 'Toothpick Vic Vega) Steve Buscemi (Mr. Pink) Chris Penn (Nice Guy Eddie) Lawrence Tierney (Joe Cabot) Randy Brooks (Holdaway) Kirk Baltz (Marvin Nash) Eddie Bunker (Mr. Blue) Quentin Tarantino (Mr. Brown) Steven Wright (K-Billy DJ).

Professional Women

It is not, perhaps, surprising that women (even in the Western) would be granted more autonomy in the 1960s than had previously been possible. The sexual revolution was in full swing, fueled by multiple societal issues and demonstrated by the publication in 1963 of Betty Friedan's The Feminine Mystique, the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (which prohibited employment discrimination on the basis of sex), and the founding of the National Organization for Women in 1966 (the same year that The Professionals was released). Clearly, the life of American women was undergoing a change, one that could not help but be reflected in the artistic spheres of fiction and film. Therefore, it is not surprising that the women of The Professionals do not function merely as wives or schoolteachers. Chiquita lives a life of violence. Maria and Mrs. Fardan are women who support violence (and are willing to go to any lengths to support the revolution whoring 17 for one and death for the other), yet...


Hot cars, hot girls, hot music and glowering, independent teens were the key ingredients of the sub-genre of 'Hot Rod' films that emerged during the 50s. By the middle of the decade, Hot Rod movies were being made at a rate of about one a week and they played to drive-in audiences.

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