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I'm safe. I'm not safe. I'm a New Yorker. I'm from California. This is my home. Home is where the heart is. My heart is here. Except in the winter. I hate it in New York in the winter. And the summer. It smells like cat piss in the summer. The spring, then? There is no spring here. Fall? Then the holidays are coming. I should move back to California. But the North Koreans. The North Koreans can reach California. I should go someplace safe. Someplace central. Someplace landlocked. Someplace where they like drag queens and gay rights and tranny rights. I'm a tranny. I'm a fag. I'm a boy. I'm a man. I'm an artist. I clean toilets. I love you. No I don't. I want to have sex with you. No you want to have sex with me. I want to make a life with you. You 're too old, I'm too young, I'm too old,, I'm overeducated, I'm undereducated, I AM HAVING A BAD DAY, it's such a beautiful day, MY ASS IS BLEEDING! I had beats. Call me, no don't call me I'll call you. Can we see each other again? I don't know, how should I know, I have to make oatmeal every morning in case my stomach lining should one day be diminished, DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND? We won the war! The war is over. It's still going on. It's a new enemy.

It's the old enemy. It's the old and the new enemy. We are the enemy. We are freedom. You can't make me sing that fucking anthem. What about the Kurds? What about the Palestinians? What about the Pakistanis? What about the Israelis, the Indians, the Mexicans, the grapes, there's too many pesticides on the grapes. CESAR CHAVEZ WAS A PEDOPHILIAC. GHANDI BEAT HIS WIFE. MARTIN LUTHER CHEATED. CLINTONCHEATED. ICHEATED. You cant go to work,, I must go to work, you can, 't go to work, I must go to work. HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE DIED WHILE YOUVE BEEN TRYING TO GO TO WORK? I DON'T KNOW. HOWSHOULDI KNOW? I JUST WANT TO WASH GLITTER OUT OF MY ORIFICES. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASKFOR? IS IT? IS IT?

Taylor Mac's performance art work is primarily a response to and an exploration of homogony in western culture. Combining music, spoken word, and elaborate gender-bending costume designs, he creates full-length solo and collaborative productions thatjuxtapose stream-of-conscious images from such topics as the masculine "War on Terror," white appropriation of black culture, and patriarchy in romance. By showing the duality of human beings, Taylor provides a balance to our adoration of sameness. Safe is about fear and the conflicting mental acrobatics individuals go through when overcome by the 'War on Terror." Simple daily stresses and issues of love are placed alongside thoughts of war because, the author believes, physical conflict stems from our fears of a life without love and happiness. The piece is a plea for joy.

Sam from Jails, Hospitals & Hip-Hop by Danny Hoch

(A corrections officer in his early thirties sits in the waiting room of an upstate New York psychologist.)

Hi, hello. How are you? . . . Who are you? Oh, you're Doctor Lemmings? Yeah, hi hello. Sam Knoll. Oh, I thought you were the secretary? Oh, that's cheap. I mean, that's smart, save money, I don't want to get into a whole thing. So you're the doctor? Great. . . . No, I mean, women doctors, they exist, I don't wanna, ya know ... goo there. . . . Oh, you're not finished? You're still with a patient? Well, I mean . . . I'm here! On time. I want you to mark down that I arrived for the session on time, because I went out of my way to be on time. . . . No, that's all right. I mean, what am I gonna do? You gotta do what you gotta do, I'll. . . I'll make a phone call. . . . No, that's all right. I got my own, thanks.

Danny Hoch writes character monologues. He has the rare ability to represent people as they really are. He gets inside of his characters' heads and shows their souls with compassion and humor. Many of his characters are angry, streetwise misfits. The dialogue in this piece is conversational, urban. This monologue concerns a corrections officer who is under psychiatric evaluation for roughing up a prisoner but is most worried about his child visitation rights following his broken marriage. Notice Hoch's use of dialogue. Notice the dialogue he uses to reveal things about this particular character. Lines like, 'Yeah, hi hello. Sam Knoll." The dialogue is succinct, with no wasted words. Or, "I mean, what am I gonna do? You gotta do what you gotta do." You can sense the type of person who's speaking by the way that he speaks, his exact choice of words.

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