Marketing your solo show

Only you can decide when your monologues are ready for public performances. (See "A Checklist to Decide Whether Your Monologue Is Ready to Be Performed" in chapter 13.) If you live in a city that has a small theater where solo material is performed, contact the theater staff and see if they'll allow you to perform and further develop your piece in front of an audience. Sometimes theaters allow this on their dark nights. Generally, actors are required to do their own publicity and provide an audience for such performances.

If you do find a theater that will allow you to perform your work, it's in your best interest to do everything in your power to get literary and/or talent agents to come down to see the show (see Appendix F, Literary Agencies). They can be very helpful later on in moving your piece to other venues.

Another way to promote your work is to send it out to theaters that are looking for new solo material (see Appendix B, Theaters That Accept Solo Material). To save time and energy, do not send material to theaters unsolicited, unless they permit it.

There are also contests (see Appendix D, Playwriting Competitions That Accept Solo Material) where you can enter your monologue and perhaps receive a prize and/or a production of your work.

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