Publishers of solo material

Having your solo piece published is certainly one way to feel validated and get some type of recognition for your work. But before you submit your manuscript to anyone, it is in your best interest to find out something about the publisher you're submitting your manuscript to. You'll want to be sure that your work will be presented in the best way. You should feel confident that you are dealing with a reputable and honest publisher.

The Author's Guild

31 East Twenty-Eighth Street, Tenth Floor New York, NY 10016 Tel: (212) 563-5904

The Council of Literary Magazines and Presses

154 Christopher Street, Suite 3C New York, NY 10014-2839 Tel: (212) 741-9110 Web site:

Request their Directory of Literary Magazines. This publication lists hundreds of magazines.

The Dramatists Guild

1501 Broadway, Suite 701 New York, NY 10036 Tel: (212) 398-9366

By being a member of the Dramatists Guild, you will have access to many of the publications and theaters that feature solo artists. The Dramatists Guild meetings and events are a great way to network with other playwrights and solo writers.

Dustbooks u

Paradise, CA 95967 |

Their International Directory of Little Magazines and Small Presses costs $35.95 for paper binding and $55 for cloth binding, plus $7 for shipping and handling.

You can also write to some of the publishers listed below and ask them for sample copies or catalogues:

Contemporary Drama Service

Meriwether Publishing, Ltd.

885 Elkton Drive

Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Web site:

Contact: Arthur L. Zapel

Unsolicited material is accepted. Meriwether publishes books of original monologues. It publishes material that is suitable for high schools, teenagers, the college market, church groups, and community theaters. It is especially interested in authors with name recognition. Generally you'll hear from Contemporary in about one month. The remuneration is royalty up to buyout figure. Be aware that the publisher holds the copyright.

Dramatic Publishing

311 Washington Street

Woodstock, IL 60098

E-mail: [email protected]

Web site: wmwAramaticpublishingcom

Contact: Linda Habjan

Dramatic Publishing accepts unsolicited material. It publishes books of monologues and prefers works that have been produced. The readership is stock, amateur market, professional, community, and college. The remuneration is the standard royalty plus ten complimentary copies. Response time is two to four months.

u Earth's Daughters

Central Park Station < Buffalo, New York 14215

Tel: (716) 837-7778 Web site:

This is a feminist literary and art periodical published three times a year. It accepts unsolicited material with a SASE. The remuneration is two complimentary copies. Response time is about two months.

Encore Performance Publishing

P.O. Box 95567

South Jordan, UT 84995

Web site:

Encore doesn't accept unsolicited, but you can send a synopsis and production information about your piece, with a letter of inquiry. The best time to make contact is May through August. You'll hear back in a few weeks. Encore publishes ten to thirty plays a year. You should have had at least two amateur or professional productions. The publisher especially looks for family, religious, and holiday material. The remuneration is 10 percent for book royalty and ten complimentary copies. Encore prefers that your material has no profanity in it and that it doesn't misuse the name of God. It does, however, like subjects of a controversial nature (if handled with discretion).

Kalliope, a Journal of Women's Literature and Art

Florida Community College 3939 Roosevelt Boulevard Jacksonville, FL 32205 Web site: Contact: Mary Sue Koeppel

This journal, published three times a year, looks for work by women. It does accept unsolicited material. Kalliope requests that your solo work be less than twenty-five pages long and not of an erotic nature. It wants material that is original, not trite. Remuneration is two free copies or a free one-year subscription. It will take three to six months to get a response.

The Kenyon Review

104 College Dr. Gambier, OH 43022-9623 Tel: (740) 427-5208

E-mail: [email protected] ö

Web site: Contact: David H. Lynn

This literary journal generally publishes about two plays (including solo works) per year. It is published four times a year. It accepts unsolicited material as long as it's unpublished and unproduced and a maximum of thirty pages. They will either pay you with a cash payment or two complimentary copies. Submit from September through April (with SASE). Generally you'll get a response in about four months.

Lamia Ink!

P.O. Box 202 Prince Street Station New York, NY 10012 Contact: Ms. Cortland Jessup

This magazine looks for short monologues and especially performance art pieces. It is published three times a year. It prefers that the material not exceed five pages, and accepts unsolicited material with a SASE. The response time is at least three weeks. If your material is accepted, you'll get four free copies.

Players Press

P.O. Box 1132 Studio City, CA 91614-0132 Tel: (818) 789-4980 Contact: Robert W. Gordon

This company publishes all sorts of theater-related books. The readership is worldwide (with special interests in theater-related material). It accepts unsolicited submissions with verification that your work was produced. Send a copy of your material with a résumé and SASE. It may take up to six months to hear from them.

Smith and Kraus

Lyme, NH 03768

E-mail: [email protected]

Web site:

Contact: Marisa Smith u This small publishing company publishes monologue books and other o solo work. It will give you ten complimentary copies or an agreed-upon royalty. It doesn't accept unsolicited material. Send a letter of inquiry regarding your work. You'll hear back in a few months. The best time to contact Smith and Kraus is mid-August.

Speert Publishing

P.O. Box 2281 New York, NY 10019 Tel: (212) 979-7656

E-mail: [email protected] Web site:

This company establishes fees on a per-project basis. It is important to understand that Speert publishing is a self-publishing producer. For more information about what this means, you can go to their Web site. They publish plays for regional theater, stock, and professional and nonprofessional markets. The response time is generally about a week.

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