Taking the Audience on a Journey

I love performing! The full buzz of the audience connecting with the humor, politics, and erotics in my performances. I trust humor a lot to make this connection with the audience happen. To be queer—or a queer artist— in America means that your identity and sexuality is constantly under the microscope (on a good day) or under attack (on a bad day). My recent shows about the battle over gay marriage are simultaneously my most personal pieces and my most political—my funniest shows and the most intense. The subject matter really looks at that harsh reality of the fact that our most intimate and sacred love relationships and sexuality are treated like shit in America. By necessity, these charged feelings bring forward more "accessible" humor/narrative as a way of dealing with the situation and reaching my audience. In my pieces, I cleverly manage to get people laughing about butt-plugs and spanking, etc. This lets people relax, see the fun and joy in our bodies and desires. And hopefully just relax with the journey I will take them on!

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